Bible Reading

The Bible is an important book, specially for those who have decided to follow Jesus. The Bible teaches us to know God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ, and how we should follow Him. Here you will find an introduction to reading the Bible, together with a plan for your Bible reading. If you need a New Testament (in you own language) then please let one of the pastors know. There are even free Bible ”apps” which you can install on your smart phone. Welcome to begin an exciting and fruitful journey where you will learn to know Jesus Christ and how to follow in His footsteps!

– Those of you for whom Bible reading is new, and who have recently begun following Jesus

Begin by reading the gospels in the New Testament (2nd part of the Bible). This is where we learn to know Jesus and what He did when He was here on the earth. Try to read the gospels several times so that you get a good general knowledge of them. Then you can begin using one of the two Bible reading guides which are listed after this section. Try considering and thinking about who Jesus is and what He wants from you!

-Bible reading plan ”day-by-day”

This plan tells you what you can read each day.
Use it together with one of the Bible reading guides.


1 Personal Bible reading (Bible reading for prayer and guidance)

2 Personal Bible reading (Discovery Bible Studies, DBS)

3 Group Bible reading and discussion (Discovery Bible Studies, DBS)