2 Your personal Bible reading guide
(Discovery Bible Studies, DBS)


Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you in your Bible reading.
Begin by reading the whole context (include the sections before and after).

”Then the Bible text” (Read and write)

Read through the text several times, aloud!
Read 10-15 verses. Longer texts can be divided up over several days.

”My words” (Understand)

Write the text in your own words in the next column.
Write as though you were telling it to someone else.
If you find this difficult to do, then perhaps you have not understood the text.
Ask Jesus to help you with anything which you can’t understand.

”I will” (Apply/Obey)

It is important that you apply and obey the text.
Which changes are you going to make in your own life as a result of discussing the text? Answer the questions, What? When? How? What does it mean to you? Try to be realistic and give tangible examples for changes which can be followed up during the coming week. E.g. How does it change your concept of God? How does it change your attitudes and treatment of other people? How does it change the way you live, think and act? God invites us into a relationship with Himself, to live with and for Him, and to apply the word of God in our daily life and experience.

Witness (share)

Discuss what you have learnt and how you are going to apply it with other believers. Create opportunities for discussing what you have learnt with non-believers. “God taught me something today”. If they are interested, then you can share it with them.