1 Your personal Bible reading guide
(Bible reading for prayer and guidance)


Try to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably, without being interrupted.

Begin with a prayer

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your Bible reading Begin by reading the whole context (include the sections before and after)

Read your text

Now you are ready to read your text. Read it through several times – don’t rush! Imagine that you are there participating in the text, together with Jesus, Moses or whoever the text is about. What would you have thought? How would you have reacted? What would you have seen and felt? What smells would you recognize and what would have caused you to react? Try to experience the text as much as possible and allow yourself to become a part of the events.

Consider your own life

Ask yourself questions. What happens in me as a result of experiencing this text? What influence does the text have on my life? What lessons can I take with me from what I have read today? How can I apply this in my daily life and experience with God? Finally Make a copy (a backup). Write (or save in some other way) all that you have experienced, and the thoughts which came to you. You should save and protect whatever God has said to you. Try to apply the lessons in your daily life and experience with God.